Top reason for larger dogs early departure.

Posted on June 28, 2016

Ever since Jessie shared my life, I have been aware that when big dogs have mobility issues one cannot just pick them up an carry them. When you have a 90 lb buddy – or even a 60 lb buddy – the closest you can do to support them getting up and moving around is with a towel wrapped around.

But can you go for a walk that way? I think not. It was most important to me that Jessie could always walk and get in the car on a ramp. Because she weighed a lean 90 lb . In my years of working with dogs it has always been the saddest day when people euthanize their dogs because they can no longer get up and walk on their own.

When I saw the posting by Dr. Becker, DVM, I had to share this.

Story at-a-glance

  • Loss of mobility is a leading cause of euthanasia among senior pets, and it’s often one that’s avoidable if you take the proper precautions
  • Encourage your dog and your cat to engage in movements that will benefit muscle strength, joint flexibility and overall health
  • Lack of mobility due to medical conditions like arthritis and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) require a comprehensive treatment plan for best results

I will add the link to her whole article so you can read it yourself.

And here is what I did to keep Jessie mobile right to her last day. And the same is what I do for Noodle (age 12 – 75lb) and Sally  (age 8 – 75lb) – controlled diet (see the recipes and articles on my website), chiro treatments, and most of all – daily supplementing with a product called Procossa  – click to get the info on Procosa

And for the whole article titled “a top reason for euthanasia” by Dr. Becker  – and lots of other great health related articles concerning dogs and cats – the whole story

Disclaimer: I respect Dr. Becker and I agree with most of her philosophy – just not all of it and I would always choose my own products – because I have 20 years of experience with them.



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