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Posted on June 9, 2016


The shelter high above Dubrovnik is a very special place. It is home to 328 dogs – amazingly, all living together. They are happy and not really bothered by the state of the so-called “shelter” – they don’t ask for much…. just food, water, a bit of TLC and shelter. It is a constant battle to keep food on the table. There is no running water and no electricity.

It has been one woman’s life’s mission for the past 15 years to make sure these dogs are safe. Volunteers come and help and there are people from all over the world visiting this very special place to adopt canine buddies.

It gets very hot up there and to provide shade for the dogs, the volunteers put up shade netting – which is also used in some parts along the fence.

There are two water tanks which need to be filled with fresh water at least every few days.

The old car the volunteers use to get supplies and to take animals to the vet has completely given up. They are in desperate need of a vehicle – preferably a station wagon. Since there is no electricity, the phones don’t always work. If there is a dog emergency it is vital to have a vehicle to go to the vet.

And of course, food is never enough.

They need help now!

This fund raiser is meant to make life for these animals just a little bit better. I hope this matters to you as much as it matters to me.


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