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Posted on October 12, 2016


This is a subject very close to my heart. And it took me years to step back and tell myself that I cannot help every dog .  Hence I started my website, hence I offer consults. Putting dogs on supplements to aid in their well being is not such a cut and dry one works for all kind – of thing. Animals are different. Age, general conditions, health issues, size, food all play into what supplements to give.

I can say that Noodle has been on the USANA supplements for the past 11 and 1/2 years. I am convinced that she would not be here today without USANA. And no, I have no proof other then that she is alive and well. And of course she does have her homeopathic treatments on going. I am grateful for every day that she can run und that her immune system is working. And what Noodle is getting would not work for most dogs.

That is why it is such a time consuming, fact finding, mission to establish a supplement routine for an individual animal.

Sally – see picture – has a different regimen – very smilier – that is also because they eat the same food – hence I can gage when they need more of one thing – i.e. Biomega (our fish oil)

Sally is now 8 years young and has also been on the USANA  supplements for the past 7 years. And as she ages, I might add something or change something.

I am asking for your understanding that I cannot give you advice on your dog or a friends dog unless I know more about the dog and their food, etc

What I CAN say is that Biomega and BodyRox and Procosa are never wrong –  what IS TOXIC are the usanimals  – NEVER, ever give these to an animal. They are great for two legged children only.

Most skin and ear issues in dogs and cats are caused by a compromised immune system. They are mostly external manifestations of something internal , sometimes chronic disease.  As are gum issues.

Hence its always important to strengthen the immune system. Food also plays an important role.

I trust this helps you understand that in order for me to suggest anything, it requires a consult.

Every animal is unique .

Thank you for caring.


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